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Mold After Harvey

Sadly, I have had multiple former estimates that did not buy my companies services recently and a huge amount call me for an evaluation. Walls are now closed, finished and painted and showing signs of mold at the baseboards, drywall and the attic. They are also showing signs of mold at the tubs, showers and even tile areas. This is a blog to offer advice.

Storm Mold
After Harvey Cabinet Removal

As a professional in demolition related to storm flooding, proper cleaning, certified mold mitigation, Insulation, drywall, painting, and flooring. I find the above picture disturbing. This was a cabinet left in place after the storm that just had inch of water. Flooring was also left in place and as you can see it also has mold. There was Im assuming new floor molding and they just used paint to cover up issues. I do not see a line of new drywall and certainly not green drywall as the paint look continuous. This is common when you hire a handyman to do an industrial hygienists job.

This blog is one that I do not want to do as I have many handymen friends. But we are entering yet again a high hurricane year in Houston and the Gulf Coast. You cannot trust your home to a handy man, or even the recommendations of your insurance company that has nothing in mind but saving their company money! They do not care about your health! #Statefarm #Farmers ...2 of the biggest! Why would they recommend drying of a shower or cabinet that cannot be scrubbed for microbial? These will mold and needs to come out immediately as they are a prime source of mold. If a cabinet got wet by 1 inch, it needs to come out as there is a space that the mold is already growing above it! If flooring got wet, it needs to come out! EVEN TILE NEEDS TO COME OUT REGARDLESS OF THE MATERIAL! Water comes from below as well as the streets sewer, and mold does not need light, oxygen, or a medium to grow. It needs water and that water travels in the glue lines, the trila mortor lines and even direct stick! It all needs to come out. If there is a plywood floor, it needs to come out as plywood has gaps that water penetrated and will buckle. The buckle is not the problem, its the mold that grows in the buckle. Shame on @Statefarm #Statefarm @FarmersInsurance #FarmersInsurance @AllState #Allstate @LibertyMutual #LibertyMutual @USAA #USAA for leaving liabilities to the customers that feed your families! I guarantee you, that there families were protected at a higher priority than your family. And I am hearing from multiple estimated customers (that did not buy and are requesting mold testing) that their homes are now unhealthy because they were not given a budget to have the work completed properly.

I do apologize that this blog is a rant...But I own the companies and am disgusted by the quality of work done from companies outside of Texas to just cash in. I stopped most storm work after the influx of cheap work that I could not compete with, and would never compete with as it left a home and a family vulnerable to illness that is now being seen.

I am very angry tonight, but if you are noticing more illness, more itching, more sneezing, and just unusual loss of energy. It is most likely a mold issue. I am not a doctor! And if you feel your home was not processed properly or you bought a home since the storm, have an independent Mold Evaluation from a Certified Mold Testing Company that is licensed in the State Of Texas. These companies are Industrial Hygienist certified and licensed. Texas was raped by the insurance industry as well as companies not from our State that were not licensed for mold mitigation! And license was waved by Texas Government as there were not enough companies to do the work. What that means is a pressure wash company from Alabama did your mold mitigation and you had no choice as there was no company available! Its a STATE ISSUE and license with experience needs to be a priority in Texas as well as out of Texas! All companies working in Texas need to be a certified or degree in industrial Hygienist, as well as licensed mold mitigation company no matter the State. No Certs, No Work! Keep that in mind! No Certs, No Work! No license, no work! You will pay more up front, but you will not suffer later! And we are all suffering now!

This was a rant no proof read...based on a few people that contacted me that declined my price.

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