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How Much Insulation Do I Need In Texas?

I am often asked "How much insulation do I really need?". In Texas, 80% of homes do not have enough insulation, or with poor ventilation the insulation has settled with the humidity in the attic. Energy Star recommends R-38 (14 inches in an attic) for most of Texas as our humidity is high. What is R-38? Well, R-value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow in a wall or attic space, and even an open warehouse ceiling. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power, the greater the comfort and savings on energy. 80% of homes in Houston have 6 inches or less of attic insulation, and poor ventilation.

The first step a quality insulation company will offer is an evaluation of the ventilation in the home. Afterall, you don't want to increase the insulation without addressing the ventilation as the humidity will cause the insulation to settle with the moisture. After that evaluation has been made, we look at the needs of the attic. Measure the amount of insulation in the attic and make recommendations based on that evaluation. In many cases adding 7-8 inches in most homes can reach the desired R38 of 14 inches with existing insulation of 6 to 7 inches in place. Energy Star rates savings up to 20% for a home that has R38.

Do I need more than R38 insulation? That really depends on your location. Coastal areas require more insulation for the higher humidity. And generally R44 of 16 inches is recommended to have the same results of 20% on energy bills in Texas as R38.

What if I only have a small budget? If you have low insulation in the home, and a low budget, most companies will recommend a minimum of R30 (11 inches of insulation) to be effective for the home. ANd more insulation can easily be added over time with blown in insulation.

How much does insulation cost? There are many companies that install insulation as well as handyman services that offer insulation. The key to the price is the experience and knowledge of the installer. If a homes ventilation is covered over by insulation, your home may actually become less efficient and uncomfortable if the home cannot breath. Soffit Air Baffles in some cases must be used. Most average sized 1200 square foot homes can be upgraded to R38 for $1200 with a reputable company.

What is weatherization? The weatherization of an attic or wall is now called Energy sealing. This is important as the leaks of ac out of the home or heat pulled into the home affects the comfort as well as energy loss. It also inhibits bugs and rodents from entering in these areas. For new construction homes and businesses we are required by code to seal out all windows, doors, electrical lines, plumbing, and any other penetration to the outside or underground. In attics we are required to seal AC Vents in the attic, water lines, cables, and anything entering the home from the attic. This ensures that your AC stays in the home, and critters or dust stays out.

Hiring a qualified and certified company is the key to saving energy and making a comfortable, healthy home. We offer quality installs at a reasonable price. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to set up an in home evaluation of your homes needs at www.cobrabarriers.com #cobrabarriers https://www.facebook.com/CobraBarriers https://twitter.com/cobrabarriers 281-813-0657

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