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AC Vents Mold And Drip

Many customers ask me why their AC registers mold (AC VENTS). This is a common problem and a simple solution in many cases. It is also a symptom of low attic insulation that needs to be addressed for Energy Loss and comfort. When ac registers mold, it is generally caused by condensation. This condensation is usually from cool air passing through the vent sides and contacting the warm air of the attic. This air then condensates and provides an environment for mold to grow. This mold is then breathed in by the homeowners as air passes through the now molding register and into the home.

Radiant Barrier, Blown Insulation
Radiant Barrier With Insulation Upgrade

The solution in many cases is to seal the penetrations into the home from inside the attic with an expandable spray foam to keep the cool air from mixing with the hot air. And if the insulation is low, it is recommended to bring the insulation level to a minimum of 10.25 inches (R30) or Energy Star recommended 13 inches (R38) (For Most of Texas). This insures that there is adequate buffer between the cool drywall and the warm attic air. We would then recommend that the ac registers be replaced or washed with mold remover. The other penetrations into the home should also be sealed as they are also sources of leaks. The ceiling fans, recessed can lights, light switches, electrical outlets, and any other penetration from the home to the attic should all be sealed with foam. This will save you on energy costs as well as make the home more healthy.

Weatherization, Air Seal Home
Seal Of Penetrations

If your home has an interior attic access, that area should also be sealed using a custom attic ladder zipper accessed cover. We offer tents to fit standard pull down ladders, small hatch doors, and full size walk through doors as well. We also offer custom fit covers for almost any application.

Blown Insulation, radiant barrier
Blown In Insulation With Radiant Barrier

Sealing out these areas and installing additional insulation will offer solutions to a molding ac register in many cases as well as lower the energy bills and make the home more comfortable and more healthy. In severe cases of mold, there may be entrainment issues and would require additional work and possible de-humidifyer system installed. But for most mold register issues, this will offer you solutions in many cases

Attic Tent, Attic Ladder Insulation
Attic Ladder Cover


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